ThermoVape Vaporizer

The ThermoVape  vaporizer by Thermo-Essence Technologies is a brand new revolutionary botanical vaporizer that allows you to utilize both dry materials as well as oils. The ThermoVape is one of the most powerful portable vaporizers available on the market today.

Thermovape inside viewThermoVape Heating Element

The ThermoVape is a super silent, discreet, durable portable vaporizer with a highly advanced heating element in place. The heating core, which runs on two lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries, has been engineered to produce pure heat which results in the softest safest vapor to date. There are no toxins or carcinogens produced with this highly sophisticated heating element.
The ThermoVape vaporizer has one of the fastest heat up times in the market reaching temperatures between 390 – 400 degrees in 5 – 10 seconds. You wont find a vaporizer fast like this anywhere. he actual temperature may vary depending on the speed and strength at which you draw.

Utilizing the strength and conviction of a desktop unit this units heating element is activated by pushing and holding up the button on the side of the unit. After about 5-10 seconds the vaporizer will have reached the optimum temperature and will be ready for use. One will want to make sure that the button is still in the “on” position while taking draws. The design for pushing and holding the button was done with the intent in mind to ensure that the unit was not accidentally activated while in your pocket, backpack or purse.

The Saftly and Reliability of the ThermoVape

The engineers at Thermo-Essence took every precaution in making sure that the ThermoVape vaporizer was the safest and most technologically advanced vaporizer to date. The ThermoVape is equipped with a derlin sheath for the the outer shell which protects the user from the heat produced by the vaporizer. The insides are made out of Aerospace nickel plated aluminum which if one does know what that means at least it sounds like superb quality. Not one part on this portable vaporizer has been manufactured elsewhere other than at the Thermo-Essence factory.  Every piece is made and assembled in the United States of America by Thermo-Essence technologies.  This was done for the purpose of ensuring that every ThermoVape produced goes under the strictest of quality control inspections and that no corners are cut.

Not only did the manufacturers of the ThermoVape have quality and safety in mind when they built this vaporizer but also durability. The ThermoVape functions at any altitude in any temperatuere (maybe not on Everest) and under even the windiest of conditions. The ThermoVape underwent some of the most vigorous testing that any vaporizer has ever gone through. It is said that the ThermoVape can be repeatedly dropped on cement or any hard surface, completely submerged under water, even run over by a car and still have the capability of being used.

ThermoVape Batteries and Warrantybatteries that the Thermovape uses

With the end user in mind the Thermo-Vape was made with lithium iron phosphatebatteries which are far superior to the standard ion lithium batteries that most vaporizer manufacturers use. The lithium iron phosphate batteries not only provide much more power but much more life as well. One battery is capable of providing up to twenty minutes of consecutive use. That’s twenty straight minutes of vaporizing on one battery. Not only do these batteries hold and excellent charge but they can be recharged up to 2000 times. The great thing about lithium iron phosphate batteries is that they do not retain any kind of memory which means you will get the same results from your batteries time and time again.

Again keeping the end user in mind is fully capable of being assembled and disassembled by the user. In the unlikely event that a part on your ThermoVape vaporizer should break and or wear out the fine folks at Thermo-Essence Technologies have made sure that any extra part can be obtained and inserted by the end user.  There is no need to send your unit in and miss precious time vaporizing. All the spare parts can be replaced by you.

The quality, craftsmanship, ease of use, durability and functionality of the ThermoVape make this vaporizer a must have for anybody.  The ThermoVape comes fully equipped and has a wide variety of accessories available as well.

The ThermoVape Vaporizer comes complete with:

1 ThermoVape Vaporizer
1 Mouthpiece
1 Car Charger
1 Wall Charger
6pk of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
1 ThermoVape User Guide

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